Aspar pool covers - a modern roof for your pool

Custom-made automatic pool covers

New electronics, model EVO17 Nexture with integrated display and EVO 13 MULTI with the possibility of connection to a remote display. Both electronics are without relays with their own WiFi module for firmware update.

Both models shift the possibilities of installations in an otherwise complicated environment, such as placement in great depths, confined spaces or passing an obstacle ...

They electronically regulate the speed of the engine and prevent the unintentional unwinding of the roller. See the section "Electronics for Integra systems"

We have expanded the range of slats. We offer PVC and PC in three sizes and many colors.

We also offer a lamella with groove in the lower part of the lock, which allow the flow of water and thus significantly reduce the possibility of algae formation and accumulation of dirt.


Completely new is 4-chamber lamella "Anti Algae". This lamella has its lock hidden under the fourth chamber. This chamber prevents the view of possible impurities and at the same time slightly increases the load-bearing capacity of the lamella.


For safer movement around the pool, we offer our new, luminous lamella endcaps, which absorb daylight and glow in the dark.

This part then becomes an important safety element and at the same time an interesting design detail that emphasizes the attractive appearance of the pool.



For the 2020 season, we have prepared new models of stands for above the water level installations. You can choose a luxurious black made of carbon in combination with a black cylinder, stands with perforations or oblique with fluorescence.

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